Sunday, 10 October 2010

On A Slope of Orchard

Another holiday snap - food stalls in Bologna

The food shops in Bologna are incredible. We gorged ourselves on bread, olives, pecorino cheese and the sausage Mortadella which is a speciality of the area. We were spoilt for choice as we went from one deli to the next, our eyes increasing to three times the size of our stomachs, and we bought bag fulls of food to eat on the train to the coast. I have never had such a feast on public transport before - as we looked out of the train windows we saw endless olive groves and vineyards speeding by so even though we were not quite on the slope of an orchard we had a picnic that I am sure Francis would have been proud of!

On A Slope Of Orchard

There on a slope of orchard, Francis laid
A damask napkin wrought with horse and hound,
brought out a dusky loaf that smelt of home,
And cut down, a pasty costly made,
Where quail and pigeon, lark and leveret, lay
Like fossils of the rock, with golden yolks
Imbedded and in jellied.

Alfred, Lord Tennyson


  1. Dear BB, The Italian food markets are so wonderful - everything loking in perfect condition and all bursting with freshness. Your transportable picnic sounds to have been delicious. I too am particularly fond of Mortadella which is plentiful in Budapest as is every other type of sausage imaginable.

  2. 'a dusty loaf that smelt of home.' Perfect food for a Sunday afternoon.

  3. Fantastic pictures, makes me long for italy!!

  4. Some may think of fashion or shopping when they think of Italy but I think of the delicious offerings. Your photos are fabulous and I'm with you...I would have wanted to take that kitty home too!

  5. Beautiful picture and imagery by words was wonderful!