Monday, 31 January 2011

A favourite...

Chalk Paths, 1935. © Estate of Eric Ravilious

Just a quick post today after a hefty break (all will become clear!) - I went home to Sussex for the weekend and as I was ambling around the Southdowns with my friend I thought of Eric Ravilious and how much I love his work. Today, The Persephone Post has featured one of his images - it's funny how you think of something after a long time and then it crops up elsewhere as a secondary reminder!!

I loved the old slam door trains - there was nothing quite like the feeling of speeding through the countryside with the window pushed down to the bottom whilst the warm summer air blew in your face. Somehow, I don't think Brief Encounter could have happened on our electric, aeroplane style trains!

Train Landscape, 1939 © Estate of Eric Ravilious


  1. I am so in love with his work too! Every time I take the train to Lewes I am in one of his paintings. I know it sounds silly but I almost want to cry when I look at his work, not sure if they are tears of joy or sadness? I am just moved perhaps! I feel at home!

  2. Thanks for introducing this artist, it certainly does evoke a certain emotion. I was planning on going to Lewes this weekend, unfortunately, London life took over.

  3. I love his paintings. I am now in full blown homesick mode looking at these. Oh England! I miss jumping in the car for a little weekend jaunt down to the country. Not that there isn't countryside here of course but it's not the same.