Saturday, 5 September 2009

Holiday Reading

I am going off on holiday for a week in two hours time and have just finalised my reading list for the week ahead. Firstly, I will finish Colm Toibin's Brooklyn which has had me gripped and I cannot wait to read the rest tonight. My other choices are:

Sarah Waters The Little Stranger

A.S. Byatt The Children's Book

Richmal Crompton Family Roundabout

Two Booker longlisted titles and one Persephone - these should keep me going, in between pub lunches and Suffolk walks. And, of course, I may find a bookshop on my travels...


  1. Looking forward to hearing all about it when you return! Have a lovely time. Family Roundabout is wonderful, I am sure you will love it. I keep meaning to start The Children's Book but its size is scaring me!

  2. Such wonderful books! Have a lovely holiday away.

  3. Can't wait to hear about the books - and the holiday.

    I have a lovely link for you when you get back - a site right up your street.

    Abs x

  4. Enjoy your holiday! Wonderful holiday reading choices; Family Roundabout is great (of course).

  5. Brilliant choices, hope you enjoy Family Roundabout.

  6. Thanks for all the well wishes - I had a fab time. STILL didn't get round to Family Roundabout - tut tut, but will asap!