Thursday, 1 October 2009

The out of control 'to be read' pile

My pile of books waiting to be read is now so enormous that I am struggling to find anywhere to put them. For now they are living on my desk which, oddly, is right by our front door so visitors are met with a barrage of toppling books as soon as they enter. Despite this, I am seemingly unable to curb my book buying habit even though I really should finish reading everything I already own. But I find it really hard to resist bargain books in secondhand bookshops and charity shops so the pile is growing and rather than a one in, one out policy it seems to be ten in, one out (this has got worse since Rachel at Book Snob introduced me to charity shops near our office). Added to this is the problem that when I have read a book from the 'tbr' pile I have nowhere to put it as all my bookshelves are bursting.

Anyway, below are the books from my 'to be read' pile that I aim to read in October:


  1. May I heartily recommend to you the Really Useful Box, 22 litre variety? Designed for DVD storage but perfect size (1) to take a standard paperback, spine up (2) to slide beneath e.g. the coffee table, or to stack in a corner. I can't seem to paste a link into this comment box or I'd send you straight off to Rymans.

  2. Excellent! Thank you - I will be off to Rymans asap. This may make some room for more books...

  3. Hehe I made you buy more books! And we haven't even got to the rest of the charity shops yet!

    Nice to see Illyrian Spring in there (where did you get that from?!) and of course The Brimming Cup - two of my absolute fave Viragos and I know you will love them.

  4. What a good selection. I look forward to hearing about those VMCs - I did enjoy Strangers by Antonia White.

  5. Rachel is such a bad influence! Speaks me who persuaded Verity to buy yet another VMC this morning...

    Most envious of Illyrian Spring.

    I like the versatility in this month's choices and the mixing of contemporary with "vintage".
    I have still to read The Quickening Maze before the Booker winner announcement on Tuesday; it is the last one of hand and will be my 10th read of the 13 longlisted.

  6. Recently I weeded my TBR pile and got rid of those books I knew deep down I wasn't going to read. That was good.

    Then yesterday I more than made up for it by bringing home about 38 books from two different shops. One was a charity book shop and the other was an overstock wholesale outlet shop so there were far too many good finds and great deals.

  7. That's the down-side with second-hand shops (if there is one), they're not like new shops where there are stacks and stacks of the same title. You must strike while the iron is hot!

  8. Exactly Darlene - nail on the head!

    Thomas - such strength weeding your tbr pile in the first place. Never mind about the 38 replacements!

    Paperback Reader - I am going to read the Quickening Maze next and am really looking forward to it. Rachel is a bad influence!

    Rachel - I think I bought Illyrian Spring during our charity shop lunch hour. I am looking forward to our next book hunt!

    Verity - I am obsessed with VMCs at the moment. I love the cover of Strangers as Tamara de Lempicka is a favourite of mine.