Wednesday, 14 October 2009

A Secret Hideaway...

'It rained outside so we camped inside'
Chanters House, Devon, England 2002 © Tim Walker
This photograph by Tim Walker reminds me of making camps indoors with my sister when we were little. Some days I still feel like putting a sheet over a table and hiding; how wonderful would it be to camp in this library? A library would be a dreamy home.


  1. My sister and I used to make blanket tents and camp out under the dining room table. But I would have loved (still would!) to spend the night camping out in a library.

  2. What a great picture! Sometimes I do feel like I spend so much time in the library I might as well bring a tent and just settle in!!

  3. I have really enjoyed reading lots on your blog. Yes, this would be heaven, camping in a library. As a little girl I used to sit in the airing cupboard reading which was also bliss! I was interested in your 50 books a year challenge and wish I could read that many. I have read only 3 on your list - Mariana many, many years ago, The Guernsey etc. and Madame Bovary. I may copy your 'Library Thing Currently Reading' thingy too. I shall call again.

  4. I used to hide under a sheet over the dining room table to escape my siblings and read in peace..happy memories!! Love that photo!

  5. Now THAT would be my idea of a fun evening...and pizza too!

  6. makedoandread - camping out in a library would be such fun!

    Sophie - I imagine, doing a PHD, you do feel that you live in a library! I am sure you could sneak a tent in?!

    OhSoVintage - glad you like my blog. I am woefully behind on my target of 50 although I am battling on. Full time work just gets in the way! An airing cupboard is a great place to read - reading just needs somewhere cosy.

    Rachel - there was no escape from my sister! But, she used to read aloud to me which I loved as she was very good at doing the voices.

    Darlene - absolutely, pizza would be heavenly. And a tub of ben and jerry's cookie dough ice cream!